Saturday, 22 June 2013

Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any more. Call me Red Arrow.

I am so close to being done I can feel it! Or maybe that is the red dye from this shirt I feel, it kinda rubbed off on everything! It's so strange, it just rubbed red everywhere, my pin heads, my sewing machine, my hands...the pants and socks (which where white -__-) I was wearing... so when I washed it in cold water I expected that water to go pink fast, but NOTHING. So weird. I washed it in cold water and vinegar just in case.

Anyway, the shirt is done, I only had to do that blasted zipper 2-3 times, even with it basted and pinned with in an inch of its life, somehow that point came out uneven!  Finally though, it worked out. :)

 I fitted these...Wednesday night I believe? All that is left is to mark and put in the thumb holes on the arm bands.

The shoulder harness is done too, it was a first. I had no clue how to go about making one so I kinda made this up as I went. I think once I am done the bags and belt I will go over it with a wash of black acrylic paint to bring out the texture in the vinyl  so it looks less gray and shiny.

And here is the rest of what I have left. A pile of belts and bags for his leg bag things.

The end is Neigh!

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