Thursday, 6 June 2013

Green top

Is done!  
Not that you would know from these pictures :P
So here it is all cut out with the rather...creative sleeves. 
The tattered sleeve was made by drafting a normal sleeve, then cutting it off about 1 inch or so below the underarm line. I then drew in the ripped look.  I cut out 2 pieces for it and then steam a seamed them together. I learned from the red dress to not do the steam a seam in the seam allowances, it just made for a frustrating sew. I did have to adjust the tattered sleeve once it was in, I wanted it to flip up a bit like the characters did and my pointed down like a regular sleeve.  So I actually cut the tears right up to where it attached onto the sleeve (and then shortened some of the points as they now looked really exaggerated). I plan on ironing them again around my sleeve roll ham with the iron to get the pointed up flip look they have in the cartoon.

The next step after the sleeves were in was binding the front.  Which I did by making a strip and attaching it on. I made sure the strip stayed the same width the entire way around with a hem gauge.
   The top is now completely bound and hemmed and sitting on a chair.  The next step with this costume is to make the holsters for her Sai's and the green strips that go around her lower arms.

Oh also, like I have said, I saved time by going out and buying a belt at Walmart. I did have to take it in (it was a L-XL sized one) but that seam will be hidden by the box in back that holds her collapsible katana's. Anyway, It had silver studs allll over it and a silver buckle.  And hers is all black. I was going to paint them over with my brothers old model airplane paint, but then I read the label that said it contained a chemical that was know to cause birth defects and you know CANCER! D:

Well I wasn't too worried about the birth defect thing, but the cancer part, that runs strong in my family and I didn't want to push it.  I ended up painting them with a bottle of black nail-polish :P  Much less deadly and useful for later!
 I'll update with pictures of the now hemmed coat later, once I am sure the hems are straight and not bubbling :)

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