Saturday, 1 June 2013

We're all mad here. Cheshire from Young Justice progress

I'm starting to get backed up with photos! My goal for this weekend is to have this costume sewn and near completion so I can work on props and my two commissions the rest of the month. So far, so good.

The green waist obi is done.  And the knee guards are done.  And I've saved myself some time by finding a belt  at Walmart that (once I paint all the silver studs black) will work for her belt.

To make the knee guards, I took measurements above my knee, around my knee and below my knee and made a 20cm long tube.  Which I then pulled on my leg:

And pinned it in tighter, since I was using stretch it was of course looser then need be and I needed this to stay over/on my knee with nothing but think thigh-high black socks underneath.

After I carefully slid it off my leg (pins are sharp m'kay?) I adjusted the pins so they were straighter.  Then it was just a matter of zigzag (or stretch stitching) the new seam line and finishing my edges.

The black part (what is that a hole? and applique? I dunno. Some sort of knee armor I guess) I could have done 2 ways: I could have actually just cut the shape into the gray material and used the black of the sock underneath it to form the shape, but that has been done, and I didn't like how it looked.

So I cut out the black shape from some black stretch fabric and with Steam-a-seam I attached it to the gray band for my knee.  I then zigzag stitched the edges around so it wouldn't come loose or look messy.  An easy fix.

I ended up digging out my gator pattern (God, I love how useful this pattern is!)  traced and shortened it to make the gray boot covers she has.  They close on the inside seam with velcro and  I'll be wearing them over my black doc martins for the costume.  I couldn't find a gray in a non stretch fabric that matched the gray I had for the knee guards, so I took a chance and interfaced it with some very stiff iron-on interfacing (use an press cloth!!).  And it worked out great, if perhaps maybe a bit too stiff.

Pictures once the polish on my boots dries. :D

Next update: The black undershirt.

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