Monday, 17 June 2013

Jupiter Supreme Thunder!

And so Sailor Jupiter came and went and is now done. On to Red Arrow!

I got lazy and didn't post progress pictures.  Maybe because the colours are the only thing different from the Sailor Moon costume I made. So it wasn't too new or exciting :)

Here be the choker.  I made a 1.5 or so inch rectangle by the width of the neck (33cm). Sewed it together leaving an opening in the middle of the lower seam line to flip it right side out (later to be sewn shut by hand), ironed it and added velcro to close it.

The cuffs were a similar sew. I made them by the width desired by the length measured around her arm. Sewed the bottom hem shut and left the sides open.  Once flipped open to the right side I sewed/surged one end shut and sewed in the seam lines for the stuffed tubes.

Then I stuffed them sewed/surged the other end shut, and stitched them closed by hand and then attached some store bought white cloves (Claires, Ardeenes or bridal/prom stores) by hand.

The sleeves I did similar to the cuffs. I cut them out, gathered the top a bit so people could move their arms and sewed all but one side shut. I then sewed the channels for the stuffing and stuffed them. Then sewed them shut and attached them to the bodysuit.

I learned my lesson last time and did not interface the entire bow. I did that last time and it was nearly impossible to crunch it down enough to sew the connector band in the middle on. So this time I left a 8cm space free of interfacing in the middle of the rectangles so I could crunch them down better into the bow connector and it worked much better/faster/less swearing was done.

I used the same pattern for the collar as I did on the Sailor Moon costume, but added 4cm to the center back to make it big enough to fit around this body suits neck.  I then flipped it right side out after sewing, pressed it flat and sewed the neckline closed by hand. I added the stripes on with steam-a-seam.

The circle skirt was also the same. It closed up the back with an invisible zipper and velcro.

And here be the finished costume! Now on to Red Arrow!

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