Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to make a holster/scabbard/sheath for Sai's

 First, find a pair of Sai's.  My friend found these (convention legal) toy sai's from the 80's on Ebay for me.  Which was fun, they came from Greece and if the seller knew I cut these "vintage" kids toys, he might die, BUT the handles were made for cute little kiddie hands, not a 32 year old woman hands.

Yes, they will be painted silver eventually and the dowel my dad cut down in his work shop with be hidden by  wrapping around the handle.

Anyway, to the point:

 Lay your sai down on some brown paper and measure how wide from edge to edge the cross bar is.  Mine was 7cm. Then mark the bottom of the sai on the paper.  Draw a straight line from the crossbar to the bottom and draw in the shape.  I did that on one side, folded it over in the center and cut it out to make sure everything was even.

After doing that,  do the same for the front only make it 2cm shorter.  Cheshire's Sai holders have an open rectangle down the middle so I added that in.

Cheshire's Holder also had a line across the top of the U shaped piece there, so I cut the top off and will later sew them together to make it whole again.  Also, if you are putting this on over a belt (like me) don't forget to mark in the back where you will cut slits in to slide it over the belt.
 I ended up cutting 2 back pieces, one for where the slit is to go over the belt and one to make the back black through that little rectangular hole in the front.  If you don't have the peep hole, you don't have to do that. I ended up doing it because the other side of the vinyl I used had a gray mesh and I didn't want that to show.

Here it is all sewn together.

The next step was to attach the band that holds the Sai in the holder. For which I used Black snaps.  All you need is the little tool, a pack of snaps and a hammer!  Cut 2 little strips and mark where your snaps will be, punch out the holes, hammer in the snaps (according to the instructions on the pack) and voila!

Sai holders for your Sai's!

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