Sunday, 23 June 2013

Messy but effective!

I just spent my morning painting all the gray vinyl pieces with a wash of black acrylic paint.  I found they looked way to plastic for my tastes and the wash brings out the texture of the vinyl a bit better.

what a mess....
  I used some paper towel which i dabbed into black acrylic paint and then in water to water it down and then rubbed all over the vinyl. Then I wiped away the excess with a dry paper towel piece.

I dunno if you can see the difference, but the gray band over the knee covers is the original untouched vinyl and everything else are the ones that have had a black wash over them.

 I am fitting the belts and bands on the client around 1pm today, then it just a matter of sewing on some velcro, a buckle and the elastic for the boot covers and I am done! Woo!

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