Friday, 9 March 2012

Break? What Break?

It was March Break (or reading week) this week, so what did I do?  Go someplace warm and sunny? Go to Disney World?  Take the week off and sleep in/play video games and never get out of my Pj's?

No, I went to school every day from 9-4 and then again some evenings from 7-11  and worked more.  I guess I got a decent amount of work done.   I fitted a new model,  had a final fitting for Pizzazz, re-fitted the hem on Malificent and got a ton done on the snow princess.

I am  pretty sleepy so I will just post some pictures of some of things I finished this week!

The snow princess shorts have an elastic in the waist band, and the lining and outer fabric are hemmed.

The corset ruffle is bound and ready to be sewn onto the corset.

The choker collar is done, complete with 2  awesome button holes and cute snowflake buttons.

The snowflakes are on an elastic shank, and act kinda like little cuff links.

I magically removed the wire from the hot pink ribbon I bought ( I did not realize it was wired at the time of purchase) and made the Giant  bows for the sleeves.

And because I have a little baggy of  snowflake buttons, I will be adding them to the bows because I can.

And I cut some bias strips for later....

Which I then ironed and folded in a half...  but what for?  You will have to wait and see! Mwa ha ha.

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