Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vest progress

Turns out I did have more progress shots on the vest then I thought I did!  So lets get to this!

The inside out edition of my lining for the vest.

And now the outer layer, with the lace in the armhole attached.  I actually originally made the armholes more like for a shirt and then later decided to make them bigger before I sewed the gray layer together, which ment re-drawing the lines on the pink lining after it was sewn.  Which was sooo much fun since it was a slithery fabric and already sewn, but it worked in the end. Live and learn.

The vest once again is ment to look kimono like, so here is where I added an extra strip over the front of it to give it that bound look.

And here is a (sadly blurry) picture of the bound edge with the purple detail edge attached to it.

The vest, on my judy which also houses the nearly done 13th fairy costume (just needs a hem and hat/staff).

The vest (with collar!) inside out as I attach the lining to the outer fabric along the armhole openings.

In dire need of a good pressing, here is the vest, all that is left is to fit my model for the hem and attach the lining to the back vent and hemline!

I actually fit this on the model yesterday along with the sleeves and I didn't need to take it up at all! Score! One hem coming right up.

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