Monday, 5 March 2012

I've got a dream, I've got a dream, I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!

Just a wee update on the recent change to the corset for the Tangled Princess costume!

I hadn't liked the fit of the sleeve under my arm, it  bagged in an unpleasant manner.  I had thought I would take out the chiffon sleeve and make an actual undershirt like Rapunzel is wearing under her corset, but then the problem was "how do I get in and out of it?  It would have been a fitted shirt and well I could have put in buttons, snaps, grommets or a zipper, but with the corset over that, it would have really dug into my skin.

So I decided to just put a casing the the arm seam and sneak in an elastic :)

Which first meant I had to un-attach the sleeve from the corset!  Fortunetly,  it was only hand stitched in.

And then I had stitched a casing into the sleeve, I didn't have enough purple to make it with, so I used the white from my skirt lining.  Not pretty, but no one will ever see it after this.

Now ready to be reattached.

At last, the corset is hole again!

And now a  couple pictures to explain why the Tangled corset took me a month where as the Snow princess one took 2 weeks.  All the purple strips you see there had to be hand sewn down, as well as the purple check and the white lace.

Where as the snow princess was all machine done, with the exception of the white lace and the purple band at the bottom.


  1. You coulda gone all old sk00l on it and tied them on with points @_@