Thursday, 1 March 2012

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings

Hello I am a skirt/skort/culottle in desperate need of an elastic!  What is this? The elastic you  have is too wide and wants to bend  over and not go through the casing nicely?  How sad.  You should by some thinner elastic and while your at it, some more thread, some interfacing, some more white trim and some dye for that other costume that is not this one.

So I did!

The dye is actually for the Tangled costume, I need to dye some lace pinkish to go on the skirt, cause lets face it, I am not Rapunzel, I am not stuck in a tower 24-7 and do not have the time to embroider all those flower and swirls along my seams and hems!

What I do have time for is pleating!

After some thinking, pinning, un-pinning, re-measuring and a bit of "how do I do this again?"  I have the "dust ruffle" (as I have been calling it) for the snow princess corset.  I had originally thought I would gather it, but decided that no woman wants a line of gathering right over her abdomen and realized pleats would achieve the same look and be flatter.  I chose knife pleats instead of box pleats. I find knife pleats nicer to look at and box pleats really only work on school girl style skirts.

These perticular pleats are 7cm wide by 6cm deep. I had hemmed and surged the fabric before I did the pleating.

Before I sew them down I wanted to check to make sure they were long enough to go along the bottom of the corset.

Now that they are sewn its time to iron those suckers flat!

The pleated edge of the corset has a white gathered ruffle under it, so I sewed some eyelet lace to some while lining and the next step will be to bind it and attach it to the corset, but only after I have fit my model on the weekend. I put a bone up the front of the corset, which sometimes works out really well, and other times pokes out oddly, and so I want to make sure it isn't doing that before I attach the ruffle to the corset.

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