Monday, 12 March 2012

Time to roll up those sleeves and get to work!

I actually made these last week, but waited to post about them!

Here is what that Bias cut cotton strip was for, edging on the sleeve.

What it looked like after it was sewn down and ironed to the right side.

And again with a more full shot of the sleeve.

The Sleeve cap is pointed, and stands up so here it is before it was sewn, once side was interfaced with a stiff interfacing and the other not.

The crown now sewn together. I did in fact wear it as a hat for a while.

I skipped a step there, above you can see there is lace on the sleeve. I bought it pre-gathered and then sewed it to the sleeve.

The sleeve flipped right side out and ironed.

The ribbon that will  be sewn into the back seam and will hide the elastic gathering in the sleeve later.

And on to the lining!

Due to the way the lining works and the shape of the sleeve, I couldn't really sew it all the way around, so I sewed it to a point and then hand sewed the last bit together, thus keeping the point nicely!

The lining now attached at the hem and the ribbons  and pointed caps as well.

I had to hand sew the lining to the sleeve cap, because I didn't want stitching showing on the outside.  I later added a 1 inch wide casing on the inside as well to house the elastic when it goes in.
I hope it all stays up, if now I will add some rubber ribbon for gripping to the top of the sleeve.


    I'm getting quite excited :)

    Boots are now purple
    just need a clear coat and then they are ready for lace and ribbon :)

  2. So hoping we can do a location shoot for this one :)

  3. I'm trying to get it all done while their is still snow.