Friday, 23 March 2012

Snow Princess. complete!

 I finished the Snow Princess!  I finished it earlier this week (Wednesday) and then went back to Malificent which I hemmed and also started the hat for!(but that is another entry for later).  So instead I will talk about hemming the vest!  It took me a morning of hand sewing but I did get it done.

It took a morning because that hem is very wide and had to be tacked down with a little hidden zigzag stitch, which was back stitched every 2inches or so, so that if the thread got caught on something and broke, the whole hem wouldn't come undone.

After I hemmed the vest I gave it a good pressing and hung it up and moved onto the last detail of the costume: The snowflake on the right side breast of the corset.  I thought of a few ways to do it, I thought I would applique it in cotton, but then decided that was  a great deal of work and thought I should choose a fabric less likely to fray like leather, or ultra suede or even Vinyl. I ended up choosing vinyl.

First I did a test on a scrap of fabric with some fabric glue. I wanted to make sure it would stay glued to the fabric even when crumpled, tugged and pulled about.

I left it to dry over my desk lamp since it had a curved shade to it and the final piece would be over a breast  and therefore rounded not flat. Once it was dry we tugged and crumpled it and it stayed attached.  The only thing of note being I really needed to make sure the end points had glue.

Close up of the now attached snowflake.

And the full look on the corset!

And that is that!  She is hung up, protected by plastic and waiting for her photo shoot and then the fashion show!  This garment will also be worn at Anime North by its owner/model Laina Martin!

I jump into the world of hat making in order to give the 13th fairy her horns!

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