Monday, 5 March 2012

I had my model in during the weekend and fit her for the Snow Princess.  Thankfully, it all went well.

She jumped around, twirled, jiggled and everything between and the corset held her in.  I do have a couple small changes which I have now made:  You can possibly just see some white dots near the bottom of the corset, I hadn't pulled the fabric down far enough when I sewed the band on the bottom so there was some ripples in the outer fabric.  As of today, I had taken that apart and pulled the outer fabric down and now there is no rippling.  I also tacked the lace down more, cause it wanted to flip under and finished off the piping ends.

The back now with grommets.  The dark bits hanging down are the ends of the purple piping that is along the top. One of the final steps is to tug on them, which brings the top of the corset into the body more, thus  containing and securing the chest better.

After I fit the corset, I fitted the culottes.  It was really only a matter of pulling in the elastic in the waist band and then after that, marking the hem for pinning.  When the costume is done, the culottes will be under the corset, but my model wanted pictures of her wearing both. :)

This, which currently looks like a bleached version of what I am sure Kermit the frog looks like before he is sewn and stuffed is in fact the sleeve for the snow princess.

Which, once sewn, looks like this!
 I fixed it today, I made it shorter and made the points at the top not as huge.  It will stay up by a combination of elastic and possibly some rubber waistband strips to avoid slippage.

The last thing I fitted is the false collar/choker for the snow princess.  It will be held on by two snowflake buttons on an elastic shank (loop) which will go through button holes.

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