Saturday, 18 February 2012

(Congratulations,) you're on your way out, from here on in I'll be taking the lead, (Congratulations,) you're on your way out

I'm bound to win; I was born to succeed

Congratulations to me, (congratulations to me
-The misfits.

This can only mean I am nearing the end of this costume! Which in fact I am.  The asymmetrical purple binding on the collar and hem is attached, and the lining is hemmed and bound as well.
The front
The back

All that is left is to make the belt and legwarmer!  So here we have my green fabric laid out and my belt pattern on top of it.  That will be double the width of that pattern and double the length (there will be a seam up the middle of the belt)

Here is my leg warmer pattern, and the elastic that will hold it onto the leg if all goes well.  I've since sewn it up with a zigzag stitch (straight stitches do not move and will just pop, but the zigzag has a little more give). I hope to fit this on her soon, hem it and be done!

And here is the final piece, now on the proper sized judy so as not to stretch it out.  I will probably be adding some loops to hold the belt in place better as she walks, but other then that, it's complete.
The front
The back

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