Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm a designing woman (I've got what it takes), I'm a designing woman (I make my own breaks), I'm a designing woman (designing woman)

And I've got designs on you!
-The Misfits

Well I have designs on a Judy, at least.  Here is Pizzaz's dress,  as it was last Thursday. I'd started cutting into the hem.

Here is the back, I had left it uncut at the time, because I wanted to be sure it would be long enough for my model to wear. I don't want any "wardrobe malfunctions" and neither does she.

And here is the collar.  Which started out as a rectangle with the neck hole designed into it, and later became a crazy pelt looking thing.
What a mess it makes!  The fabric is fuzzy, so there was suddenly way more dust in the studio. :)

Fast forward to Monday when my model came in for a fitting! And Point of Light productions came in to take photos.

Working with stretch fabric has its share of issues, in this case, leaving it zipped up on a judy  that was probably too big for it over the weekend, may have stretched out the fabric, that or the fabric just stretched when I sewed it. Either way, I had to take in the sides, which meant removing and redoing my invisible zipper.

It also gave me the chance to make sure the skirt was long enough in back and therefore finish cutting out the hem line.  

It also gave me the chance to measure her leg for that one green sock Pizzazz wears (oh the 80's I love you so, but you had some..special fashion ideas). To make the leg warmer, simply take measurements going down the leg (I did 10 cm apart). Then later, on paper, draw a line, then divide the measurements by 2 putting 1/2 on each side of the line. When that is done, fold your paper in half along the line, join the edges of each measurement together and cut out.

That's that for now!  Today, I got a little busy with work and didn't break to take pictures, but I can say that the legwarmer is cut out, the hem is finished, and bound, the collar is attached and the lining awaits attaching!

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