Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cosmic Warrior Finished work

Finally some decent shots of this piece!

The costume itself is done, I fixed the ribbon detail on the front with Steam a seam and it looks 100% better then my hand sewing job.  Much crisper.

I still have to find supplies and a way to make her hair bobble gems and I will probably be re-doing the wing details with a stronger velum paper.  The ones I had suffered greatly in storage (most I was able to squash flat again with heavy books) but the hair ones, well I don't think you can see in the photo, but they discoloured slightly (I think the hair spray  in the wig yellowed them somehow).

The moral of this story?  Take your hair clips off your wig for storage and store everything flat in a box.  But enough with the mistakes!  On with the pictures!

Yes, the skirt is short, which is why I made hot pants to wear under it.  Actually, I am not sure how any of the sailor moon girls fight, its rather hard to move your arms up with those sleeve caps, and were not even going to talk about how unmanageable that hair is!  Really, I'd spend more time detangling myself from my hair then fighting Evil.

Many thanks to Point of Light Productions for these awesome photos! 

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