Saturday, 11 February 2012

She Makes an Impression, where ever she goes, she makes an impression from the head to her toes...

Okay, yes that is actually one of the Holograms songs not one of the Misfits, but I don't mind. With that here are some pictures of the progress on "acidic rocker".

I thought I would babble about the process of paper to garment.  So, to start you make a paper pattern.  Here is mine,  for a "princess seam" top there are four pieces, a center front, center back, side front and side back (It helps with the shaping and makes a top that follows the contours of a woman's body). The two little pieces up in the left corner are the side front and back and the ones drawn on the paper not yet cut out are the center front and back.

Next you would cut them all out, make sure the armhole seams and hem lines match up (called truing up seams) and then lay out your fabric. You can see below to make the top, you need one of the front and back and four of the side pieces.

I've done the same here for the skirt. They are upside down looking, because the fabric has a nap (it's furry, one way is rough when you drag your hand along, the other soft and smooth, that is called a nap).

I did the same with the base of the collar.  Both the collar and skirt will be cut into to give it a jagged finish like the picture two posts back.
The next step was to cut them out, I let them hang over night, which I really didn't have to do, but it kept them out of the way.

The next day, I surged the edges, usually I would match the surger thread colour to the fabric, but I knew these would be hidden by the lining in the end, so I wasn't too worried about matching. After that it was a matter of pinning the top and skirts together and sewing them.

Here they are all sewn together and the seams pressed flat. The skirt is extra long so I can later cut points into it. It will be much shorter in the end.
I'll post pictures of the dress and collar as I cut into them and put in the zipper tomorrow. Hopefully, weather permitting, I'll have some pictures of the dress so far on the model by Monday!  I was supposed to fit her tonight, but Canada in the winter decided to throw a snow storm at us instead!

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